I first found out about Topo Designs when they ran a deal with Huckberry http://huckberry.com/blog last year. Immediately the look was noticable and when reading a bit about the company I learned that they were making everything (or a lot of their stuff) right out of Colorado in their LEED certified shop.

They’re online prescence offers great scenery with their products involved. Besides being locally made Topo Products offer a more laid back design to their technical feel. They’ve been featured in several write-ups and recently partnered with Woolrich to producte some very eyecatching products.

All images from the Topo Designs Website (apologies)

New USA Made boutique shops are poping up everywhere and Made Collection seems to have the right idea – online at least.
Strongholds for American Industry have had to dig deep around companies like New BalanceLeatherman (to some extent) and Woolrich Woolen Mills. It seems that every week the news is steaming content about this Industry closing up shop and heading over seas or the realization that there are actually a lot of products that cannot even be made in the United States at all. After visting the social media network, Quora, I came to the realization that there are a lot of products, like the iPhone, that we couldn’t even make in the US if we tried.

Thinking about this issue can be a bit saddening so it is high time for companies like Made Collection out of Colorado to start coming up out of the woodwork. Made Collection is built on .net and is and incredibly beautiful site to navigate on many levels. Also note that their Newsletters are beautiful with wonderful animated gifs. As fair as the sell point of Made Collection, the site sells a certain amount of products for a certain amount of time; this is what you see when entering the site. On click-through to the product description you’ll notice an animated gif dialing in on the factory where that product was built, how many employees built the product and lastly ‘Boom Points’ which is used to tally the amount that you’ve helped the US Economy. The site is beautiful, well themed and easily navigates the customer through its few products.

Some other sites to consider when trying to buy the right way are: QuoddyUnion Made Goods and Eastland Shoes.